2018 Rotary Memorial Way

***Flag Sales Have ended for 2018***

Thank you for your Support, Donations are still welcome!

Over Memorial Day weekend, for over 15 years, the Danville Rotary Club has lined Vermilion Street in Danville, IL with American Flags to honor Memorial Day.

The Club has received hundreds (if not thousands) of compliments about this wonderful project. The flags cost is $5 and allow the sponsor to honor someone special to them with an American Flag and card. The card can note a branch of the military and any awards they received (Purple Heart, Silver Star, etc). While most flags honor our military service personnel, anyone can be recognized (and many are).

Proceeds from this event will go to support the Vermilion County War Museum, the VA, and community projects by the Danville Rotary Club. The Danville Rotary Club was founded on November 1, 1915 and has served the Danville Area for over 100 years with the motto, “Service Above Self”. The club meets every Monday at 12:00pm at the Old National Bank Community Room (2 W. Main St., Danville, IL)